Two privateers Aaron Waite (1742-1830) and Jerathmiel Peirce (1747-1827) transformed Salem into America’s epicenter of international trade.

In the Golden Age of American Maritime history, Salem’s Waite & Peirce sent their ships “to the farthest ports of the rich East” to bring back exotic spices and other treasures. Waite & Peirce: Authentic and Exotic Goods features gifts inspired by the bold spirit of the Salem’s privateers and offers visitors a unique shopping experience.

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  • Salem shipping partners Aaron Waite (1742-1830) and Jerathmiel Peirce (1747-1827), owners of the original Friendship, conducted business for almost 50 years from Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts. Their ships visited ports around the world, from the West Indies to Canton and Archangel, Russia, to Isle de France in the Indian Ocean.

  • Our Treasures

    • Explore the exclusive line of Waite & Peirce apparel, jewelry, home goods, historical reproductions, collectibles, toys and gifts. Make a statement with a handcrafted locally made piece such as a handsome pottery by Henderson’s Redware or a functional tote bag made of recycled sail cloths by Sea Bags of Maine.

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